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Looking for an extension to clone new window/new tab

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I am looking to replace this extension with one compatible with FF 60+ I was previously using Clone Window (

I want the STANDARD action of New Windows/New Tab to open a cloned copy of the window or tab I am currently on including the nav back browsing history.

Any recommendations on an extension (the ones I have found either require a modifier key or dont retain the nav back history)

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There may be an add-on to duplicate the current tab to a new tab in a new window, but extensions can no longer* take over a built-in shortcut (Ctrl+n) or menu command. So you might need to develop new habits for the clone window/tab.

(To duplicate a tab, you can right-click the tab on the tab bar and then click Duplicate Tab.)

* Since Firefox 57, when legacy extensions stopped being supported.

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