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Certain websites no longer load. Get error msg; other browsers work. Search function now not very useful.

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Went back in history to when one particular website would load and now get an error message on that. This is since the last update. Tried a couple other browsers. Worked fine. Tried the fix recommended by Firefox. Did nothing. (Something to do with proxy settings.)

Now when I search, I get Amazon almost all of the time instead of a variety of options.

Is Firefox now beholden to Amazon?

I used to really really like Firefox and have been using it for years. Is it time to switch to Google Chrome?

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Now both functions are working fine (after almost an hour of trying to fix etc and figure out how to get support for the first time).  ??????

I'm no techie and haven't a clue what happened. DOS I can deal with; windows is beyond me!!

Did the universe tell Firefox I was going to have to switch even though I didn't want to?

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It might have been a corrupt file was removed.

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Nope. Didn't turn out to be that. Search works better again. But now can't load the website again. Will have to use Chrome to finish my shopping tonight.

The help system isn't very intuitive. I've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure it out. And still don't know how to navigate it. Haven't a clue how to do it except by accident. Got here this time by clicking on email response.

Also noticed a lot of other people are having problems since the last update. Hate the black background. Makes it very hard to read. White print on a black background is almost as bad as white on blue or yellow. Very hard on older eyes.

There are still a lot of us older folks trying to cope with bad web design. Surprised Mozilla is one of them!! Wait until the younger web designers don't have such good vision anymore. But do we have to wait until then to get it improved?

Hoping Mozilla gets its act together before I get too used to another browser. This is the first time in years I've had a problem with Firefox.

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If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.

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There are add-ons available that can change how web pages look.

Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web Link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for what you want.

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Thanks Fred. In my stumbling around I did find and submit feedback.

I'll check the Add-ons page when I get a chance. But I don't have a lot of time to spend on techie stuff, so hopefully with the next update my issue will be solved. In the meantime, Chrome works really well for the times I have problems. My "usual" websites seem to be okay, and of course, I have all my history in Firefox.

Actually I forgot to check on my iPhone. I have found in the past that if I search my iPhone with a Firefox problem, it usually comes up with the solution right away.

I really appreciate your help!

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Glad to help. Safe Surfing.