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properties content lost

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This just changed with yesterday's update. Since forever I've used the Properties of items in my Bookmarks toolbar and in the bookmarks themselves to save other related info. LOTS of other related info. Now I see that when you right click on an item in the toolbar and select properties from the drop down it's totally changed and NONE of the previously stored info is there. This is a HUGE problem for me since I haven't backed up the bookmarks since Jun 2017. How can I get the info I had stored there back?

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Hi, correct and you can not get it back. Please do not use any backups you have, as there is a reader that can read that. (sorry do not know name, maybe others will see this later) If you use a backup it will be lost also. You maybe able to save some, not sure how they are taken out :

Again yes is true and do not know why they do not notify people a little bit more than never. But am sure it has been in 1 of the blogs as well as it is in Help --> About --> What's New

Removed the description field for bookmarks. Users who have stored descriptions using the field may wish to export these descriptions as html or json files, as they will be removed in a future release.

Sorry, Support Volunteers can not make changes but you can : 3 Bar Menu --> Help --> Submit Feed Back

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Hi, see answer here for more info as well as info on that reader. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1232448

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Thanks for your VERY helpful reply and warnings. This arbitrary change is not helpful and likely a fatal error in terms of my use of FIREFOX. I've held out against going 100% to Chrome like 57% of the world because of all the alternate URLS, resources, notes etc I had stored in the properties in FF. But this insanity is likely the last nail in the coffin of Firefox.

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I am devastated over the loss of the info I had in the properties box. Would rolling back to 61.0.2 restore that. This was the main reason I did not switch to Chrome? Does any one know if Waterfox has properties that you can store info in?

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Glad to see I'm not the only one alarmed here. QUATRAIN1 - Try doing a bookmarks backup or export as HTML. When I did this last week all the info I had stashed in the properties boxes was there. So I didn't "lose" it just can't access it in FF. Then I set up a MSWord file that I now refer to when I need to access that info. Not nearly as convenient but at least I have all the info I had squirreled away over the years.

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This can store comments but have to start from scratch, no idea of the future of it. Or it maybe the replacement.


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How to get 'er back. First off Mozilla is going the way of Microsoft and doing it their way and not how you want it. To get back you "properties" with all the remarks in them you will have to go backwards. I just did this the other day when I found more complaints. The version you will end up with is 60.2.0esr (extended service release) which is for corporations that can't upgrade all the time. If you go to: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/ pick you language and operating system, download the file (it should say firefox setup 60.2.0esr) and then install it. I didn't even have to delete the 62.0 as it installed right over it. I have my properties back with all the notes still in them. Mozilla may not like this reply and delete it. Hope it helps you as it worked for me.