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what happens to my current bookmarks & folders I already have on my home computer if I sync to my work firefox account as I don't want to lose what I have alrea

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Hello , What happens to my current bookmarks & folders I already have saved on my home computer if I sync my Firefox work account to my home Firefox browser as I don't want to lose any of my home computer bookmarks and folders?

Wondering if it will override everything removing what I have already bookmarked or if it will just add my work bookmarks to my home account where I will see both?

Also will everything I have bookmarked on my home account be added after the sync to my work account? Which bookmarks will supersede? Will my home bookmarks get added to my work account?

This is really important as there are some home bookmarks I don't want to lose and that I also don't want synced to my work account? Thanks in advance and I don't see any details anywhere on this but it is really important for someone to know before syncing a work and home account.

Please do not bother telling me about updating my account as the new Firefox does not work for my work flow at all and this should not be related to sync question at all as syncing has been there since that version was created. I hate the square tabs as I have to move my window around often and not having the big tabs pinned in 5 rows of 5 where they are 2" by 2" squares are absolutely necessary as I hate the new tab pinning option where the pins are super small and you get all the other stuff below that now that is not needed and lose rows of pins. I could go on but until they have options I will be staying on my current version which would not affect the sync outcomes.

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Please update to Firefox 61.0.2 or later. The version you are running is no longer supported.

Sync should combine your accounts, but backup before to be safe.

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Are you saying it will combine all bookmarks from both work and home merging them together and keeping all bookmarks? Will it be smart enough to not duplicate anything I have already bookmarked in both places? If the account is removed or un-linked the bookmarks will remain regardless correct?

The sync option is the same no matter my version or later. Supported or not if the new version doesn't have the options I need like the curved tabs with the space on top so I can easily move my windows where I don't have to find the tiny spot on the far right where there is a tiny space to click on to move your window then I can't use the new version.

Not having my pins I need at the size they should be without all the junk below when I open a new tab is not possible to work without. The new version isn't usable the way it is now for me.

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What about the question on the duplication's where I bookmarked the same thing on both my computer and home? Will it double this bookmark on both?

So I take it that Chrome is a term Firefox has or had and has nothing to do with needing the google chrome browser?

These directions to do all of these things would be way to complicated for someone like me using the browser for work and not familiar with programming.

Also I don't see any way to customize my new tab page to the size and view of my pins the way they are now? I have 3 rows of 5 pins in about a 2" by 1" box and they fill up nicely my new tab page. The new version has them as tiny and one row with junk below that. I found where you can change the number of pins to whatever you want but they are still not the right size.

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Doubles yes as it is not a Manager of any kind.

If looking for Bookmark Managers : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/search/?platform=windows&q=Bookmark%20Managers There is also alternatives to Firefox Sync : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/search/?platform=windows&q=Sync

Correct Chrome has been in Firefox before there was a Chrome Browser, guess they liked the name.

userChrome takes no programming skills to use. Simply make the folder in the correct place then create a notepad with the extension .css and put it in the folder. After that you can ask here or there are other resources like the .org one and you simply copy and paste the code into the .css file in the folder.

Changing any thing anywhere in Firefox is possible if have the userChrome code and the patience so yes can redesign your Homepage, can dim or brighten, can color in the bookmarks is unlimited to a point.

Or do not have to have that page make any page your Homepage

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Can you prevent the duplication when syncing or is there not an option to make it not duplicate?

Is there a spot where you can get any kind of remote help where someone could remote in to help me? I'm wondering if Firefox has support like that where they can help with some of the options and help you configure things?

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No, sorry that is not how Mozilla works. Support here is done by Volunteers so that would be impractical to do. We are also all over the world.

But if you message for help you will find there are many people to help you including the author of the userchrome.org site. Will keep helping for as long as you need it till the issue is resolved,

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Should note that since Mozilla is a non-profit having Volunteers instead of paid support staff keeps costs down.

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This is definitely overwhelming for someone like me when I click on the links it appears there are tons of options that would need to be researched and there is no guarantee they would be safe.

Also once another update comes around which seems like every quarter do you have to redo everything all over again?

It seems to me I am way better off not updating and using the version I love and that works perfect for my work flow.

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You really need to update. You are vulnerable to all the security holes listed at https://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox.html from 57 and higher.

You should please update to Firefox 61.0.2, and then, you can get plenty of help with setting up userChrome.css if there are still issues with how things look.

I'm not sure why you don't like the pinned tabs, can you elaborate after you update?

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Attached is my version that we had for several years and you can see big 2" by almost 2 1/2" boxes you can pin your sites you want there. Mine have been the exact same ones for years for my workflow. There is no junk underneath or adds or anything which I know you can collapse that part down but it's taking up unnecessary space and to have to go in through a back door process to increase your number of pins is crazy I did all of that on the beta version to try to work with it and it was not easy and they are tiny boxes. The worst part of the update is the tabs being in a square so you can not grab the box anywhere along the top you have only a tiny space on the right after the new tab button to be able to grab the window to move it and re-position it. Where the old version had space along the top so you could grab it all across the window to move it and not in just one spot and it had rounded corners giving you even more space to work with and see a background. You can click on new tab to see a comparison but the version I have is a cleaner and more functionable for my work flow.

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Oh, that's easy. I thought you were asking about pinned tabs, which is something else.

All you have to do is update to Firefox 61.0.2, and then uncheck everything you don't want to see in the new tab page. Customize the New Tab page

That will give you a list of pinned websites just like you have now

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So those are my pinned sites as I have pinned each one to their exact spot which comes up for me when I hit the + button at the top to start a new tab. I know you can add more then what you start with as I mentioned I did that but they are tiny and less than half the size I'm used to. Are you saying I can configure my whole entire New Tab page to look like it does now including the sizes of the pins?

I wish I could explain this better and my issue with the tabs I have anywhere form 30 or more salesforce tabs open in one window at a time and it's crucial to be able to move my window where I can still see it and not minimize it. I see lots of people are unhappy about the look of the square tabs but the look isn't really my issue it was super easy with all the space along the entire top of the window to be able to move it where having to click in the tiny space to the right of the new tab is awful and not easy to do.

I also don't want to go through all these customization options again with every update?

I switched to Firefox years ago when I realized it worked even better the more windows I had and the more I challenged it the better it worked where Chrome and IE could never ever handles even a couple of tabs as well as Firefox could handle 30 no joke it actually increased the speed so I have bragged for years to everyone not using Firefox they needed it especially if they had a window for each customer they were working with and were not finished so they would leave them open. I would love to update but I need to make sure I can do all these things on my own and if one thing doesn't work I do not see a way to go back to my version?

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You won't have to change those settings everytime, we rarely redesign the browser. Regardless, staying on an old version is just asking to have your personal identity, passwords, etc. stolen.

Please update, and we can help with any further customization

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and the sizes can be adjusted to look at they did in my version? and by help with customization you are referring to providing the links I would need?

There is an overwhelming amount of intimidating options but I don't want anything special I just want my tabs to look the same across the top with no squares so I can move the window from any point and the Pins on a new tab to look exactly like I have them now.

I haven't seen anything to address the square tabs at the top to make it look like my version?

I asked earlier if there was remote desk top support but was told no is that correct?

I'm sorry for so many questions but I certainly appreciate the help.

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You can fix the tabs with userChrome. Please update.