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Thanks but no thanks

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After having been a dedicated FireFox user for well over 10 years, its time to call it quits. This is a final good-bye, and to all the apologists who may wish to engage me in debating why I feel the way I do, enjoy wasting your time.

The move to the 6 weekly roll-out cycle has been the worst thing that has happened to this once great application. Whist new features (refresh button on the right, only to be superseded by refresh on the left... ) are being rolled out, not much stuff that was broken from previous iterations was ever fixed. Flash and YouTube still has issues playing videos, memory consumption is still keeping up with the Voyager space mission, address bar cannot remember what the last address was in some cases, nor can it correctly match what you typed versus the history list, bookmark organisation is a shamble, addon developers are getting worn out with the constant churn in the FireFox's version numbers and the ever changing code base (API), and now with the "Requirement" to have addon's signed, some have stopped producing their products altogether.

FF has become a project that is out of control, lost focus, and forgot who made it great in the first place (original team and welcoming user base). [I know this is a broad brush with which to paint, but I have no knowledge of the internal workings of Mozilla.] If you're really concerned with the User's security, why not fix XSS and REALLY prevent 3'rd party cookies, not supply some BS "Private Browsing" tab? Why should I rely on 3rd party apps for these features?

Why am I in this frame of mind you may ask?

On my MAC, I made the mistake today of trying Nightly v58, only to find that it retrospectively, and irreversibly stuffed up a bunch of really important addons that I've been curating in Nightly's v49. ( I was expecting v58 to run as a separate APP from v49, as it was NOT an UPDATE, but v58 took it upon itself to "manage MY computer" for me!!!!! (I could add more exclamations here to demonstrate how unhappy I am, but I think the reader will get the message.) It updated some of my addons, disabled others, and now I have a mountain of work to backtrack.

After years of FEELING like coming here for a final whine, today was the final straw. Sadly there isn't much choice when it comes to browsers that really protect the user's interest, and once a reputation is lost, it is impossible to recover. I still have a very nice FF35 on my Windows machine, and won't go near any version after it! It looks like I need to apply the same policy with regards to my Mac.

It's just too hard to use/keep up with FireFox. So, after so many years of pent up frustrations, it's time to say "Thanks, not no thanks!"

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Hi, perhaps you would like to try 52 ESR which will be supported with security updates only until May 2018, you can get it from here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/

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Firefox 58.0 is currently on the Beta development channel for a while now and 58.0 is scheduled for Release on Jan 23, 2018. If you have a Nightly channel build of 58.0a1 then it is a old random build.

Release < Beta (b#) < Nightly (a1). There is also the Developers Edition which is same as Beta but with dev features.

Nightly channel builds get checkins each day and for a while now get two updates each day (used to be only one) in Testing. They are not meant for regular users but for Testers and Devs.

Why use a old random Nightly channel build of Firefox 49.0a1 instead of the 49.0.2 Release?

To use multiple versions of Firefox you need to do separate folder installs and have them use separate Profiles or they will share the one last used. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Shortcut_to_a_specific_profile