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Just updated FF and now have two(2) FF in service tray. How do I delete one and which one do I delete??

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Two icons in service tray after the new download of the new FF. How do I delete one or the other?

AND which one do I delete?

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Do you have more than one Firefox window open? Select one, then the other. What shows up?

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Just restarted the computer. Have two FF icons in the service tray. They are identical, as far as I can tell. For example: I recognize the FF Screenshots in the upper right corner on both of them as a new addition. Never saw that before. Now WHICH one of them do i get rid of and more important to me.....How do I do it?

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I think this is the problem;

Type about:config<enter> in the address bar. If a warning screen comes up, press the I Accept the Risk button. At the top of the screen is a search bar. Type browser.startup.homepage

What is the value? Right-click and select Reset to restore its default value; about:home

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Followed what you said "Typed about:config" in search bar of FF. Finally got a screen with a long list of data. (Before that got page of page of listed articles of what to do. Don't know just how many pages but it was like a page of searches one after the other, about ten to a page, after page after page. Finally got the long list of 'stuff' you referred to. Typed the browser.startup.homepage. Hit either enter or arrow on search bar and it went back to the list of articles available. Looks like a regular search for a subject page, after page after page. There was (is) an entry in that long list,(the first one, in fact) that is highlighted. I right clicked on that highlighted entry and hit reset on the drop down menu. The entry changed to something else. There were no values as such shown shown.

Therefore I could not continue with your instructions any further.

I'm trying to be as detailed as possible in case I did something incorrectly. Never did find its default value; about:home. I'm really really lost. I am afraid I might have changed something else in that list by mistake and not realized it. WHEW!

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This is what I am talking about;

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I have tried diligently to do as you described even with your screen shots. I'm afraid that I may really have screwed things up big time! Tried to R click on highlighted item with no obvious beneficial result. BTW your screen shot of FF sure looks different than what I get even before or after the 'update'. Just laid out differently with different 'stuff', so to speak. Any chance we could do a remote so that you could take control and really FIX this messy problem?? You could call me at 724 861 5444 and we could set it up, if that is at all a possibility, I hope, I hope I hope. Don Gold

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We are using different versions, I think.

I called for more help.

Try this instead;

Type about:preferences#general<enter> in the address bar.

There are two settings;

  • When Firefox Starts

When the browser is started, what do you want to display? Many of us choose Show My Home Page.

  • Home Page

When a new page is opened, what do you want to be displayed?

  1. Use Current Page. Use what ever page(s) are open at that time.
  2. Use Bookmark
  3. Restore To Default. about:home shows a Mozilla home page with tools.

You can use any of these that you wish;

about:home (Firefox default home page), about:newtab (shows the sites most visited), about:blank (a blank page),

or you can enter any webpage or about: page you want.