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Why can't I comment on an open thead?

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I was trying to comment on an open thread but I keep getting an error. I've cleared cookies, etc.

This is the thread: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1048978?fpa=1#answer-preview

I keep getting this message:

"Oh, no! It looks like an unexpected error occurred. We've already notified the site administrators. Please try again now, or in a few minutes."

I also tried it using Safari w/the same results.

This has been going on for several hours.

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You can drag a folder in bookmarks.

Click on bookmarks on the toolbar. Click on show all bookmarks. Click on bookmarks on the left side (see screen shot right above the apple folder) Select folder in the right column where the top folder is Consumer.... in the screen shot) and drag to where the cursor is in between the two folders where you want it. When you see a gray line, release cursor & voila !  :-)

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I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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Thank you.  :-)

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I have asked the developer of the support site, please give 24 hours for a response.

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Sorry to hear things are breaking. That error ("Oh, no! It looks like an unexpected error occurred. We've already notified the site administrators. Please try again now, or in a few minutes.") is a very generic error we use in case there was an error on the server, so generally it won't be caused by a particular browser. I took a quick look at our error reporting system, and nothing jumped out at me related to this.

Earlier today we had a major issue with our databases. Our DBAs took care of the problem, but this might be a result of that. Are you still having this trouble? If so, I can dig into this a bit more. In particular, if you can record an exact time that you get the error, that would be really useful in tracking down the problem.

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Thank you guigs2.

Thank you, Mike Cooper. I appreciate you taking the time to explain. I had given up trying post a comment. I do have some other issues/bugs w/the update to 36. So I will post a separate thread regarding those issues.

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Well CRAP, now I can't post my new thread!!!!!!

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So I copied it and pasted here and it wouldn't post. Maybe it's too long? I'll try posting a section at a time...

A little background...

I've been using FF for many years on my PC. When I first started using it (v. 3.6), there were minimal updates and changes. Since around v.18, it's been non-stop bug-filled updates & continuous removal of features that I like, some of which have no add-ons to bring them back.

I recently switched to a mac. Talk about culture shock, lol. I downloaded FF v.34 to it and have since updated to 35 and now 36. I find there are some striking differences between FF for PCs and FF for mac's. While it's just more stuff to acclimate to, it's being over shadowed by the continual removal, or changing locations, of options.

These are just some of the "issues" I have had, and continue, to deal with:

1. I have to keep installing add-ons to get back the options that have been taken away. While I am grateful that they are available, these add-ons slow down the browsing experience & take up room with stuff that, before the updates, wasn't necessary. Then, when there's a problem, we're told to trouble-shoot in safe mode so that the add-ons are disabled. Of all of the times I've done that over the years, NOT ONCE has the issue been an add-on! Some of the add-ons don't work at all or work intermittently (like the old tool bar).

2. I can't stay signed in to any website. As soon as the browser closes, my sign in is gone. POOF! Even when I have the little 'keep me signed in box' checked. With older versions of FF on my PC, I could stay signed in to websites for at least a day, sometimes longer. I set FF to show tabs & windows from last time, just like I have in the past. I used to be able to close out the browser and reopen and be signed in. Now, every time I close FF, I have to sign in again. (FYI, I don't have FF set to clear cookies when I close the browser. Altho, for a while, there was a bug that kept changing those settings.) That tells me it's either the newer versions have screwed this up or maybe and) FF and macs aren't compatible in this particular area. Either way, it would be really nice if someone could fix this. This means unnecessary mouse and/or keystroke movement which aggravates and causes repetitive motion injury.

3. The more options they take away, the longer it takes to set up the new version, not to mention that I end up wasting time hunting for the new location(s) for the options for the still existing features. And that adds to repetitive motion injury.

4. The bookmark feature works inconsistently. It either works well or just flickers and won't allow me to put the bookmark into a folder of my choice.

To be continued...

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That seems to be working. Wonder why it doesn't say that the post is too long?

Next part: 5. Flash crashes with each successive update. The fix? Close out FF & when I open it again, flash works. That means I have to SIGN IN to everything AGAIN. My flash is kept up to date.

6. I used to be able to copy something from the internet using older versions of FF to my PC. Now, with my mac, the newer versions of FF (34-36), won't honor the font, color or other formatting. And yes it IS mostly FF. When I copy in safari it honors font style, color, etc. Unfortunately it has its own quirk in that it numbers each and every line of the document. (I personally don't like to use safari because it doesn't protect privacy.) So if FF is going to put out a browser that is compatible with macs, it needs to be completely compatible! I have even tried saving to a PDF and that doesn't work either because it somehow cuts off a majority of the document. :-((

7. More and more, it seems that the 'updates' aren't compatible with various websites & mac OS, other than windows. I believe that it is critical that both the mozilla, apple and websites work TOGETHER to make sure everything works correctly.

8. One of the most annoying "improvements" in v. 36 is that apparently the developers/programmers/designers turned the default drop down in the address bar to off. So when I clicked on the drop down arrow, it either had a weird switch something or other (can't remember exactly what it said), no options from past history and no autofill options! I hadn't changed ANY settings. I ONLY ACCIDENTALLY discovered that the options for 'when using the location bar suggest: history &/or bookmarks', were unchecked. Apparently the new default. (WHY???) Once I checked it, things went back to the way they used to be before v. 36. I found it by going thru each on of the preferences, line by line. I am sorry, and with all due respect, I have better things to do with my time.

9. I just went to check a password and discovered that the 'saved passwords' option was GONE. After several tries, it has reappeared. *sigh* This has happened several times in v. 36, most recently today. I usually have to close it out one or more times and reopen to get it to work. This creates repetitive motion injury.

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-My comments re: having to do additional mouse movements or key strokes might seem like a tiny nuisance to those designers, programmers and all the other mozilla-powers-that-be,BUT, but if you or anyone you know has any hand issues, like carpel tunnel or arthritis, then you would know that every EXTRA key stroke and every EXTRA mouse movement mean more pain and more repetitive motion damage. Sadly, there are more people who deal with this every day than most people, especially designers/developers realize. Over the years I have watched browsers (including FF) & websites get 'prettier' but harder to use & navigate (i.e. more steps to do what had been done in less steps before the 'prettiness' was added/revised.) -

On the positive side, I am very grateful that FF offers more comprehensive ways to control privacy.

I would love to see the designers/developers keep more of the old features AND add a search feature in the cookies exception list.

I know this is a lot and if you made it this far, thank you for reading.

I would appreciate any help/advice to correct these issues.

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Aaaaaaaaand flash keeps on crashing and crashing and crashing. It's up to date, AND it does NOT crash on safari, so what gives firefox??????

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  1. Not all users are affected by add ons. Just the ones reported in large amounts eventually are blocked.
  2. Staying logged in will depend on how the website is designed to stay logged in. In the history section of your firefox settings, you can change the History to a custom history and specify cookies to last forever instead of "until they expire". Though this increases the risk for corrupt, old cookies. Try a password manager that populates the saved password for convenience and happier digits.
  3. Can you please specify the options and mention them in input.mozilla.org, this is a place for support not feature requests.
  4. As for the bookmarks menu. Where are you organizing bookmarks? There is a toolbar, a bookmarks menu and bookmarks toolbar. Folders will stay static in the bookmarks toolbar. Command + B
  5. Firefox has been working on a flash alternative called Shumway. It's a big project, so in the meantime it is possible to change the status for flash to "Always Ask" in the plugin menu.
  6. Here you mention "won't honor the font, color or other formatting. " what does this mean? Are you copying the formatting? You can use Firebug to export web content, however this is html and css mark up. Where are you pasting it to? It is also possible to right click and save the full webpage
  7. This is currently being done at webcompat.com I would encourage reporting sites where they are not compatible. :-)
  8. I can agree that this is annoying.
  9. What menu is this and are you using another password manager already?

I appreciate the attention to detail on the stress for motion injury, it is not fun. There are better designed keyboards and mouses, but are not widely available. Still please also suggest some improvements in input.mozilla.org for other suggestions. I can only recommend temporary work arounds or guide how to file a bug.

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Hi guigs, thank you for responding.

1. Understood.

2. the staying logged in - these are websites that I was able to stay logged in for long periods of time (some as much as a week) prior to v. 34.

3. I will do as you suggested and specify the options & mention them in input.mozilla.org.

4. I use the FF bookmarks the same as I have since I started using FF. It follows 'history' and precedes 'tools' on the FF toolbar.

5. It concerns me that (I guess) because mozilla is working on their own flash alternative that they don't seem to be keeping up w/what's currently available; and just because they come up with one, doesn't mean people will use it, especially in the beginning. Re: the always ask' in the plug in menu - Does that mean every time I want to view a video on facebook, youtube, vimeo, etc. that I will get a popup asking me to accept? If so, how would that keep it from crashing? (Just curious. :-)

6. I am taking classes and need to copy things from my email and the class website. Much of what I copy needs to be incorporated into my assignments. So this means I would need to spend an inordinate amount of time correcting all the formatting. I have always done a copy (cmd/ctrl C and cmd/ctrl V) which worked perfectly on my PC. In the past, I got an exact copy which honored the entire format, including font style, font color, font size and alignment. If there were photos included, they would also be copied. I would paste into MS Word. Now I'm pasting into mac's pages.

When I do this from FF into Pages, it doesn't honor any of the previously mentioned formatting and the photos don't show up either. When I do this from safari, everything shows up and the formatting is honored. But it numbers every line. (Weird) I figure that part of the issue is mac related. But, since it works at least in part when in safari, that might suggest that there's a lack of compatibility between FF and mac's OS.

I don't think saving a webpage would help because I need to copy certain for quotes, references, etc. And I don't have a clue how to work w/html. :-/

7. Thank you for the link to report the websites that are incompatible.

8. Thank you. :-)

9. It's the FF password menu which I access by clicking on FF at the top left corner of the screen, select preferences & then privacy. I only use the FF password manager. I've been doing it the same way for years.

My concern about motion injury is that many of mozilla's changes require more mouse movements &/or keystrokes to do the same things we used to do with less. So IMHO, better keyboards/mouses (mice?? :p) aren't really going to help much.

I will definitely let mozilla know re my concerns & the issues. I really appreciate you taking the time to address everything and for the links - especially for the link to input.mozilla.org.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond. I was finally able to post my own much abbreviated thread about this & included a screen shot of the password issue.


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2. The websites where they do log out, was there a cookie setting that may have changed in the History Settings of Firefox?

4. The bookmarks menu drop down, afaik or tried, cannot move bookmarks from one folder to another. In other words, I do not think it is intentional for the Bookmarks Menu to be able to organize bookmarks into folders.

5. It won't, it just gives some forms of control until the crashes are fixed.

6. I think I understand now, however formatting in an email can be copied differently from webmail to webmail since some use html formatting. There is an add on called "Copy as Plain Text" however this may not copy all the formatting.

9. Oh its actually in this menu as well (a new preferences menu:) about:preferences#security Put the above in as a new url. If its not there, this might be something interacting with an add on. Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles

Not a problem, I am happy to help.

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If I missed anything, please do let me know ;-)

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guigs, thank you for your response. I just got back into town.

2. The settings were not changed. In the past, there were issues w/FF clearing history when FF closes even when it wasn't checked. I solved that by checking it & going into those settings and clearing all the check marks. Then I unchecked the clear history when FF closes & that seemed to do the trick on my PC. Doesn't seem to matter on my mac.

4. I'm sorry, I wasn't more specific. Here's what was happening off & on: I click on bookmarks on the toolbar, then bookmark this page, then the folder drop down. I The bookmarks menu drop down, then choose so that I can place the new bookmark in a specific folder. That also allows me to create a new bookmark folder. I've been bookmarking stuff into folders from the get go. If you click on show all bookmarks (used to be organize bookmarks), you can rearrange the order of the folders or move items from one folder to another. The issue is when I click on bookmarks & bookmark this page it flickered and bookmarked it instead of allowing me to place it in a folder.

5. I will try and see what happens.  :-)

6. I have a couple of different email accounts and when I copied from email to (mostly an older version of) MS Word, it's always honored the format. Same w/most web pages. I guess I will have to use Safari when I want to copy something.

9. Thank you for that link. I have bookmarked it and so far, so good. :-)

Thanks again!

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On Mac the Bookmarks menu is under control of the OS and you can't make modification to items in the menu drop down like you can on other platform like dragging items. You would have to use the Library or the bookmarks sidebar (Cut & Paste) to have more options with organizing bookmarks.

Note that you may have to set an allow exception to keep cookies from specific domains.

Note that clearing "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, software installation, passwords, and other website specific data.

Clearing cookies will remove all specified (selected) cookies including cookies with an allow exception that you would like to keep.

You can inspect and manage permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab via these steps:

  • Click the "Site Identity Button" (globe/padlock) on the location/address bar
  • Click "More Information" to open "Tools > Page Info" with the Security tab selected
  • Go to the Permissions tab (Tools > Page Info > Permissions) to check the permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab
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Yeah, macs are weird to say the least, lol. From the bookmarks on the toolbar I use show all bookmarks. That is where I use the cut and paste to move links from one folder to another.

I set my FF for mac the same way I had it set up for my PC. So, I guess it must be a mac thing. I don't clear my cookies more than once a week, usually a little less often. I don't accept any third party cookies. That didn't seem to affect my ability to stay signed in on my PC. Of course that was an older version of FF.

I allow or allow for session cookies on the sites I sign into. I've tested both ways. And I have sites like email and places I do business with on a regular basis set to allow instead of allow for session. These sites are set exactly as they were on my PC. And it doesn't seem to help if the cookies are allowed instead of allow for session. I haven't cleared site preferences. That option is not checked under my custom settings.

I will check out the link you included.

Thank you so much, cor-el, for all of your help!

Am I still missing something?

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الحل المُختار

You can drag a folder in bookmarks.

Click on bookmarks on the toolbar. Click on show all bookmarks. Click on bookmarks on the left side (see screen shot right above the apple folder) Select folder in the right column where the top folder is Consumer.... in the screen shot) and drag to where the cursor is in between the two folders where you want it. When you see a gray line, release cursor & voila !  :-)