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Firefox and Thunderbird do not connect to the net, and they also hang.. What is the Fix?

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In the blink of an eye, both Thunderbird and Firefox have BOTH STOPPED connecting to the Net. let me share with you what I have done... and what has been unsuccessful this far.

System & Software Pertinents.. Windows 7 x64 System running a i7 Intel CPU, with 8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB Drive. Thunderbird is Version 24.2 Firefox is Version 27.

Here are the specific things that I have done, POST problem, to try and solve..

A) Check firewall settings... BOTH programs are cleared for Bit Passage

B) Check Anti-Virus.... Anti-Virus Disabled.. UNINSTALLED and Registry Cleaned.. still has the problem persisting..

C) Deleted and Reinstalled Thunderbird & Firefox Working Directories (without deleting User Profiles)... Problem still persisting..

D) Created NEW Profile with Profile Mgr in Firefox.. no go...

E) RAN WHOLE System VIRAL/MALWARE Check... .. No infections..

F) FRESH REINSTALLS of Thunderbird and Firefox... NO go...

G) Checked Processes using ENUM and DNS Checks... both check out fine!

H) OTHER browsers connect... OPERA.. Chrome and IE even... Also, Sea Monkey... but not Firefox.

In TRYING to create an e.mail account, Thunderbird's Account Creation interface sits there attempting to connect... no connection achieved...

Any help that you can offer is appreciated!!

Thank you all, in advance!

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Message To Toad-Hall...

I USE capitals for emphasis, not amplitude. Sorry, if you cannot tell the difference. I would appreciate one posting relevant technical information, and keep away from instructing others on nettiquette.

Having said that, I have to say the following. I have done everything possible in terms of observing methodicity, permutations and combinations, and in doing the MUNDANE. Again, I use caps for EMPHASIS, and not amplitude. You should be able to tell the difference - generally speaking.

To answer to your suggestion as such, "profiles" were SWAPPED out, WHOLLY, and PARTIALLY. To clarify, this means, for instance, that in REINSTALLING Thunderbird, I have also swapped out just the Mail folder, with contents only, minus settings. None of this has worked...

Thanks, for your suggestions this far. I shall be looking deeper into this issue without assistance from here. As topicalities, as in "toggling" and chasing permutations have not even begun to address a possibly more sophisticated technical issue that MAY JUST BE a single system issue, where a resting code anomaly is TRIGGERED by some system issue.

I shall have to chase that issue, as I have time. For now, I am going to have to look into migrating mails etc., to another choice, simply for practical reasons.

Again, thanks...

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Message To Rachel

Thank you much, for joining the exchanges. I appreciate all TECHNICAL suggestions, and/or directions, Rachel.

To answer your initial question, I am NOT an AT&T customer, but a Time-Warner Cable (US) customer. However, I travel a lot, and the system goes with me to all sorts of places, and is therefore introduced to all sorts of hostile and non-hostile digital environments. Don't worry, my system is relatively intact. I exercise GREAT care in maintaining a sound working environment, as it will have been evident from reading the thread, on what is deployed on the system. To answer your second question, the JSON file is being found, but, NOT read. Not sure why... I would like to delve further into this as TIME allows. But, I do not have any at the moment.

I shall be reading your post carefully, and will look further into the matter, and will promptly report back.... perhaps before Monday (US-EST).

Thank you much, indeed!

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re 'I USE capitals for emphasis, not amplitude. Sorry, if you cannot tell the difference. I would appreciate one posting relevant technical information, and keep away from instructing others on nettiquette. '

You do not need to be offended by being advised if there was no intent on your part nor do you need to be offensive in suggesting that I cannot tell the difference. It was advise purely given in good faith as you may not have understood the implications and yes it is sometimes necessary to advise users on this forum about nettiquette.

Confirm: do you have a backup created prior to the incident? If not confirm: You have made copy of the:

'Mail' folder

abook.mab, history .mab and exported all other address books. So all emails and address books are copied and stored in a safe location on an external drive.

I know you say you uninstalled and tried various swaps with folders, but in order to make sure that Thunderbird is completely removed and all associated files and folder, so as to create a completely clean install, please try this.

After uninstalling the Thunderbird program, did you then remove all other Thunderbird folders, so that in Appdata\Roaming there is no Thunderbird folder and thus no Profile folder.

Then check under Appdata\Local remove the Thunderbird folder. Windows seems to create Thunderbird cache folders here as well. The idea being to completely remove everything so that no old cache or anything can be used by Thunderbird or Windows. As something is being parsed incorrectly and at this point it is uncertain whether it is coming from a cached file.

Then install Thunderbird to the default folder. Run the first time to create a new profile. Then try to create a new existing mail account. Please report back on whether this totally clean install allowed you to create a new existing mail account.

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Message to Toad-Hall & All.. INCLUDING Rachel.

Thank you for your note.

The answer to your question is: Yes... ONCE DELETED, there has been NO shades of Thunderbird on the System. This includes left-overs in other /appdata areas.... as in local, or roaming sub-dirs.

Just F Y I only.. a TOTALLY clean install as you have stated, is what I have performed EACH time during an uninstall.

Rachel: I have NOT YET tried your suggestion for lack of time. I shall endeavor to perform further diagnostics within the next 72 hours, or thereabouts and REPORT back.

Thank you all!

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Folks.. it has been a while since I have been able to post. An unexpected illness, hospitalization, travel, and piled-on work had prohibitted me from posting any EARLIER.

I place my apologies forward, and seek your understanding for the delay. While away, I have had to use another system and set-up to properly function.

In SPARE time, I have attempted to evaluate why this was happening on the system in question. It turns out that I had PERFORMED a REGISTRY 'adjustment' to DISABLE NETWORK THROTTLING INDEX. This somehow disabled Firefox and Thunderbird. This was REPLICABLE on the machine in question... i.e., enable.. disable .... and enable.. disable again..

I am NOT CERTAIN why this interferred with Thunderbird or Firefox specifically, as all the other apps seemed to function and function well in spite of this hack.

I have NOT had time to look into the matter further. But, WANTED to, and NEEDED to report back and let you all know that this is something I had found to be the problem..

F Y I ... things work WITHOUT the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile NetworkThrottlingIndex=ffffffff" entry in the Windows 7 Registry.

Best Regards!

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Good to hear you resolved this issue. Many thanks for your excellent feedback on your results. This may help others and I've learnt something too.

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