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microphone does not work with firefox + facebook

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Repro: Log in to facebook with FF48.0.2, Windows 8.1, Shure USB microphone, open chat with some other user, start a call (without webcam), the call popup requests permission to use a microphone, it has two options, both are the Shure mic. Choose any of them: The recipient won't receive audio from the microphone, you will receive audio from the recipient (at least if calling a cellphone).

The microphone works on Win8's audio configuration, and using other audio programs.

Later used a mic-in pink line microphone (non usb) and had the same results.

This used to work on earlier versions (did not take note which, but a week or two ago), haven't made any noteworthy installs. It would be helpful to have an about: page to test the mix and webcam (or the icon that shows a mic is being used by a tab). No loopback due to harm possibility, but displaying the current volume with bars would help.

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To manage your camera and microphone permission in Flash, you can use these two pages:

   Your general setting: Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Global Privacy Settings Panel 
   Site settings: Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Privacy Settings panel 

Note: If you use add-ons or external software to purge Flash Player storage, this might be clearing site permissions at the same time. Worth checking the documentation or watching for a pattern.

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Hi, I dont see those options, I enabled the mic on the page settings (More information) but with that allowed it just doesnt request me to choose a mic, it just straight goes to the page, but again no sound.

I went to Tools>Add-Ons and found Shockwave Flash and set it to always activate, but again, no changes.

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There's this page you can test your microphone and camera with:

Note that it will echo audio back to you (with a delay I believe), so either put headphones on or don't have the volume up to loud.

If that doesn't work, please provide a bit more information on the devices, also, I think (though I can't remember because I've not used windows for a while) you should be able to check the inputs in the control panel.

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That page works, audacity (desktop software) works, windows does show audio when configuring. So I'll take it facebook's code is buggy with the current firefox?

I still get several "clones" of audio inputs when choosing a mic on your testing page (and facebook), that could be be looked into for future versions.

I mean, it could be that only one of those clones work, and facebook always picks the first of the clone (search by name).

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If that works, that would imply to me there's something up with Facebook, so it might be worth seeing if you can file an issue with them.

How many clones do you get? (or what's the list)? I'm not on Windows, but on my Mac I tend to get a "default" with the full list after that. Hence the default duplicates one of the items in the list.

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The first microphone (Shure) is always cloned at least once, the mics are listed as their windows configuration name, further mics (eg Stereo Mix or the mic inside my headphones) tend to not be cloned as they show up lower in the list, but nothing works anyway... unless I'm being trolled by the callee and they can hear me fine :(

I just tried the page you provided again and it failed, no audio. Im not sure what is the difference with last time... I may have had the windows loopback option on one of the mics ("Listen to this device") which would mean the first test was badly done by me. Or maybe I had more than one mic (now I only got Shure active which gives two Shure options on the FF menu).

I'll turn on the Stereo mix and the second mic and try again: Same result, so I was probably with "Listen to this device" on.

The mics are working with audacity.

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